Really? Teachers’ demand?
Signing; thoughtlessly
Without the cash command
How silly to have overlooked this matter
We are talking, defending our silliness,
The classman butter

When I approved my spouse butter
No one is accepted as an exponent
I shall do it without any proponent
For I am the megalomania
Enmasse wealth for my hole
Without the nation’s knowledge

Systems manipulator
Shifting to protect my doings
In the name of legality
Justice, peace and power hunger
Throwing them all in confusion
Womanizers spreading over the speaker

Children flying kites all over the place
Catching butterflies under the bridge
Making flowers in place of cooking oils
Catching tilapia on the road to Vura
Teachers matching to SINU at the hilltop
No longer be responsible for the dead brains

Oh that I should be the one
How delicate shall be my lone
Putting my legs in their shoe
Taking better less than the driver
Smoking carelessly in the public service
Drinking kwaso mingle with acetylene

Heavens is made for teachers
Hell made for their oppressors
Children take the teachers in your hands
Devilish is this attitude of showing no mercy
For teachers work day and night
Making the brain cells of the future of this Regions

Excuses all the time
Same old excuses
God be merciful to them….
The teachers...
Oh so sad the Servants leading
This Nation to destruction.

© Stalin Fiualakwa 29th January, 2013.