I would like to correct the MIS INFORMATION
by the Fanalei Honiara Based Community on
the issue of Earth Island commitment to the community.
In Dec, 2011, over 400,000 SBD was sent to the association to be distributed equally.
This distribution was not done at all as required. The majority of this fund has not been reported back to EII on its distribution. Also, we had requested that our representative and Chief Willy Filei go to
Fanalei to distribute the funds in front of media , with cameras for documentation.
Before any of this could be organized, the funds were withdrawn from the association acct. and not dealt with as required.

EII has since requested projects proposals from Fanalei community as are now successful in Bitamae. This is an alternative method to get the entire community to benefit. the Honiara based community association rejected the proposal. So how is a further cash distribution now able to be handled when the first two are not equally given to the people?
This dolphin massacre is now going to bring back the same issues against the Solomon Islands. Any tuna investor is now thinking twice to go into the country .

Earth Island did what we stated. The entire project has been hijacked by the greed of the few in Honiara while leaving the villagers of Fanalei what they were to get in the MOU.
The MOU was breached by Honiara Based community NOT Earth Island Institute .

Mark Berman
Associate Director