Dear Editor,

May I thank you for allowing me a space to express a view regarding the defeat of recent Motion of no Confidence on PM Mr Lilo. I feel that at long last common sense is beginning to play in the brains of our politicians in Solomon Islands. It is far to long in Solomon Islands politics that the Opposition party tends to resort to moving a Motion of No Confidence in PM or the government of the day, instead of taking other measures as means of resolving issues of political disagreements, for the sake of maintaining stability in SI politics, businesses and the nation as a whole.

I mean measures such as Independent Investigation to be lead by a Honorable figure in the country or the region, like a High Court Judge. Another example is, a parliament cross party committee to question and scrutinize the person in question. With all due respect, I think Dr Sikua the leader of the Opposition party, need to stop being obsessed by the 'motion of no confidence' idea to bring down the government, and concentrate on what he can do for citizens of Solomon Islands. Thank you.