Dear Editor

It been quite sometimes since we are ranked highly in any sector, and to have Solomon Islands ranked 6th by Lonely Planet is indeed an achievement that e should take advantage off and make full use of the opportunity given here.

Government policies should encourage more development not only in Honiara but out tn the rural areas where the real tranquility of the our islands can be experience. As the tourism funds highlighted earlier by MPs giving it to projects in their constituencies is the right step in the right direction. More of this sort of support should be forth coming.

This achievement highlighted the fact that once we as a nation put our hearts to it, we should be able to develop our nation and able to market it ourselves as we have demonstrated during our hosting of the international events we have had this year.

Hats off to all the hard working people who have made the events a success. Your have done the country proud.

Kenton Sade