Dear Editor,

It is a pity that Solomon Islands politicians keeps on changing PMs in the name of national interest. The fact is, these politicians are no longer national politician but Constituency interest politician. No longer policy makers but Accountants who cares only for how much they can make out of the public corpus.

This motions in the name of national interest is nothing else but a way to play for position, a time to get additional funds from both parties in addition to the RCDF, Micro fund from Taiwan, Entitlements from National Parliament entitlements and now venturing in to development funds in the Ministries such as dividing among themselves SBD$30 million from the tourism fund, advancing development funds for discretionary use in the name of the people they represent such as the SBD$100,000 for the contingent from Constituencies for the 11th FOPA.

What is saddening is that, constant change means political instability thus Foreign Investors will not have any confidence to coming and invest in a unstable political environment and an unstable economy.

Our MPs are like spoilt children who have to have what they want even if there is unaffordability, that's what this motion in the PM and past motions is all about.

Fr. Henry Teho
National secretary - Rural & Urban Political Party