I have no doubt there is some basis of fact in what Dr David Gegeo said at a regional conference on democracy in the Pacific last week about a Pacific model of conflict resolution being possible, based on indigenous knowledge and practice over centuries, but the story of what he is reported to have said in today's edition of the Solomon Times on Line, is simply a generalization, too vague and also inaccurate.

The article claims the Solomon Islands Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), based on the South African model, was established three years ago to investigate the cause of the ethnic violence in the country between 1997 2003. While the first part of the statement is true, the so-called ethnic violence did not occur until mid-September 1998.

On the broader matter regarding the TRC the fact that the Solomon Islands Government has still not made public the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, despite the Prime Minister having been given a copy of the final report in February this year, has led many in voicing concern that the general public has not been informed of the findings.

There are many victims in the Solomon Islands that suffered injustices and gross violations of their human rights, both physically and emotionally, and still suffer the consequences of those tragic and terrible times more than a decade ago. Their humanity and dignity must be restored and it is hoped that by releasing the TRC report some closure might occur in their lives.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short