Dear Editor

To depict in the cartoon us as savages, and to call us stink is uncalled for by the Editor of the Cook islands newspaer. Basically thats what its say here, that we are still primitive and smelly and we have no advancement whatsoever in regards to fashion, protocol, that they are better than us.

But look on the other side, maybe what they are depicting, we are swebbling over this isue of the dress and the rest of the world is watching and hey, Cooks are laughing because the dress is designed by one of them, keith Saunders finds befitting to go all the way to Cooks Islands to buy the dress for the flower girls and got the dress that the Princess worn on the island night. We make some tough decisons then, Government should demand Cook Islands Government a formal apolgy, and Keith Saunders be declared a "persona non grata", because she has brought this national debacle especially when the attention of the world is on us, its supposed to be our moment to show the world Solomon Islands.

Tavanipupu owners, have done the country proud, they did exceptional well in hosting the royal couples. The couple have walked barefoot on the grass on the island resort. Yes and they have indeed enjoyed their short stay there.

So Cooks islands should apologize, we have taken very good care of their participants during the Festival of Pacific Arts, maybe the welcome will not be forthcoming next time foe them here in Solomon Islands.

This is our country, we are a sovereign nation and should not be mock like this.

Kenton Sade