Western Province to Build Monument for Tsunami Victims

I would like to acknowledge Alex Lokopio's government for taking an initiative of building Monument for Tsunami victims in the Western Province. This monument will be a symbol for remembrance of those who have lost their loved ones unexpectedly within less than an hour. It will be a symbol of turning point in lives of many Christian brothers and sisters. The 2nd April 2007 tsunami natural event will be remembered by many young school children in both Choiseul and Western Provinces that had experienced it.

Subsequently, it is sad to learn that many tsunami victims are still in their old camps or small huts erected since the event. Many of the victims are yet to be recovered psychologically and physically, thus, the Province is not focusing fully of how to address it with the National Government.

Building the tsunami's tomb with gold does not make sense while the victims' tombs are forgotten. Therefore, it is important that Province should re-think to answer this simple question. Whose tomb is to be built? Tsunami or Victims. Your answer will determine your priority as a true leader in terms of serving the people. The Second World War took many years before Japanese and American erect their monument. It took them many years before building their War monument because they have to rebuild themselves both psychologically and physically.

Herman Ignatius Aruhane
USP, Fiji