It has been predicted by CBSI and now it is happening, that of the amazing sky rocketing of the prices of goods and services in the country.

Months ago we have read that prices of basic food stuff like sugar and noodle(just to mention the few) have all gone up. Recently the price of a bag of rice has also taken its pace. And just two days ago, the price of bus fare is just racing up.

Wow! this is too much blow in one go. Will the purchasing power of our dollar still be the same? Or will it be far worse off than before?

The business community argue that it was due to the high fuel prices from overseas.

Others argue that rising prices is too excessive and has not been well justified quantitatively and are partially blaming the Price and Control Unit Board of the Government. They suggested that the Board is not doing enough.

Does this sounds alright for the CNURA government? What is CNURA going to do about these? Is it going to act now or solve it later at worse?

For the sake of the general public, CNURA would do better by having to solve the problem now before it goes harder. This issue is a big blow to the country so the government should consider looking at this issue seriously