Dear Editor

I really don't want to re-uncover what Solomon Islands went through some years ago in which its impact can still be felt today both economically, socially and politically.
Today, we need a true and meaningful reconciliation where parties involved have nothing to hold back. I am thankful that some form of reconciliations to pave way for peace and negotiations has been done which is excellent.

Now the government should focused on addressing some of the issues indicated therein or take a course of action to negotiate those issues so that any form of national reconciliation can take its course. I know that the successive governments prioritized this issue in their plans of action but how far the implementation stages progresses is yet to be known.

I hope the government of the day set clear directives to address the demands so that peace that is restored would be meaningful and the life's of those who rebuild their settings would not be distorted again just because of the government's ignorance to address critical issues that has so many strings attached.

I want to see a Solomon Islands where peace prevails, where there is social and political security, where there is a sense of communitarian and identity and where development addresses the aspirations of the grassroots without compromising the needs of our future generation.

Let peace prevail on our shores as we look upon our leaders to govern with transparency and accountability.

Many thanks.