Dear Editor

I would like to acknowledge Dr Susan Cochrane for her simple but well appreciation of the recent 11th Festival of Pacific Arts in Honiara. It is simply well said and highlighted the achievements that us as a nation can achieve if we work together to build our nation. It can be done by ourselves to develop not only in reviving and sustaining our cultral and traditional practises but also the values that holds our island groupings together.

Yes huge amount of money have gone into the preparations and alot of things have been said as well, but that does not change the fact that we have achieved a well prepared and presented host to the Festival of Pacific Arts.

The next challenge now is for our government and people to help prepare the infrastructure to host the Pacific Games, which i understand that we have several bids but all have fallen short of the required expectations. Lets put in the infrastructure and then we put in our bid.

Well done Solomon Islands.

Kenton Sade