As a visitor to your fine nation, I was unfortunate to experience 3 hours in ANZ Bank in Hyundia Mall. I have never seen anything like it in the world! It reminded me of a sheep station in Oz where the sheep are herded into an enclosure, waiting to be fleeced! 8 customer windows, only 4 attended, one with a customer who must have been glued to the floor! I think he is still there -leaving 3 to handle what would have been easily 350+ customers.

I went to Westpac for a look. May as well declare this a banking holiday....they seemed to have a dedicated Deposit window and a MoneyGram window or two for the overseas transactions. Some sort of delineation. But not ANZ....throw them all in together and see how many we can keep off the streets for half a day. Thank you ANZ. I think our new Police Commissioner would be pleased also with your detainee policy. But if you want to visit the Arts Festival or schedule some tourist activity, DO NOT try and fit in a visit to ANZ as well. Be warned...and by the way if you are looking for the ATM. There is only one of them at the Mall and its tucked in amongst the 'sheep' in the middle of the line-up.....just to add a further challenge to your visit. See if you can spot it. Dont look for staff. They are a very rare site! God Bless Solomon Islanders.