Dear Editor,
Please allow me space to express my view concerning the USD10million for Choiseul and Isabel infrastructure development.

I read with much greater interest of such a tactical move by the government pressing for development. We are only hearers, listeners and waiters to see something to happen. We cannot be so sure of anything until it happens. When it happens we divide ourselves in groups. Some benefited and some are victims. But the good thing to consider is, "Is such development is an investment for the future generation?"
Well, the government knew very well and utilizes her expertise in valuating and evaluating such a proposal before broadcasted. Resource owner of these main islands should understand that, the government is trying as much as possible to erect things for the good of the people. It has also have sound knowledge of the causes and the effects of such development and remedies are being prepared on the sideline to address if such effects happen to be bad. The very important thing here is that, TO MOVE AWAY FROM THE POVERTY TRAP IS TO BREAK THE TRAP, that is, development such as that MUST happen.

We have being crying to entangle our difficulties over and over and now our path seems bright. We do trade to earn our living in rural settings. One of the main difficulties we often encounter is network of road around our villages and connections to where the resources are existed. Road is a means by which people can move resources to the market. We should allow the government to carry out its development plan utilizing our resources, because at the end of the day, it will be me and you see ourselves in front of the mirror. If the government is truly faithful to obey her words then this is a good move my people.

If we continue to deny ourselves and block our resources to utilize, we are just setting even deadly traps for our future generations. We should plant for them NOW. I would like to appeal to community leaders and tribal leaders to work very close with government leaders, of every level, to make development happen.

An finally, I appeal to the government to cause no delay but to move and make plans happen rather mere words on paper, which might be discouraging when not implemented. However, THUMBS UP, Mr Prime Minister in that announcement, I really Love it.

Yours Future Economist
Meyenn Dukavalaka
USP, Laucala Campus
Suva, Fiji