It is interesting to note the negative vibe that came out of Mr Barlow's visit to our shores especially in relation to his "cannibal" comment back in Britain. It is quite disappointing that we still have this kind of mentality - taking things quite personally and way out of context.

I am sure Mr Barlow knew full well the ceremonious staging that took place and that he was never in any way, shape or form attacked by "real" cannibals. His comments were merely puff (an exaggeration) and were meant to paint a picture so exotic, fearsome, wild, romantic. - to the British viewers. What this meant for us is free publicity, yes FREE PUBLICITY in England about us Solomon Islanders, our culture, our natural beauty, our history - it shows something that is so different to their world. Lets face it, what Westerner wouldn't find spear-wielding fearsome warriors exiting and something cool to experience (perhaps not everyone, but I am sure there'll be heaps). Even Mr Barlow himself finds it exhilarating and gets his blood pumping.
What I am trying to say folks is that the cup is not always half empty. Lets try and see things at a different perspective - clearly this is our strength, it makes us different to other parts of the world and there are people out there who would like to be part of this. Bright sparks out there would now know that I am talking about tourism opportunities.

What should be happening now is a strategic follow up campaign to capture some of that audience and convert it into tourism numbers. It does not have to be an expensive exercise. It is called the internet - lets make use of it.
In a few months, a very significant royal couple will visit our shores. This couple has a massive following back in England and all throughout Europe and even other parts of the world. We have to put on the cannibal show for them - SERIOUSLY. Lets face it, this is an absolute gold mine for our country, we should take every opportunity to make it count. The Duchess of Cambridge's fashion alone is worth more than two billion pounds in England in the last financial year. Now that is something to sink your teeth into.