Dear Editor,

I find it healthy (if that is the correct term to use) the participation of our school boys in numerous issues appertaining to our ailing economy.

In fact I still believe that our school boys and girls should do more in redirecting our economy to a much safer destination from its current steadfast course.

Among so many unresolved economical issues is the Solomon Telekom, nicknamed our telekom recently.

I would like to think that the issue at hand is not so much the promise of capitalism over a monopolist but the lack of local manpower equipped by commercial culture let alone training to ensure the success of such quasi-government commercial entities.

That is to say, and thankfully, the fact that Solomon Telekom has not followed the path of Solair, Soltai, Sasape Mariner, not to mention our forgotten shares in LSL, SIPL and the everlasting ride of SIEA and SIWA on the back of our Government to subsidize losses.

We can go on and on to discuss other Government Corporations that are either inactive or liquidated largely due to mismanagement.

Our preference of another service provider to create competition is a very good theory that is yet to be roll out without guarantee.

But, guess who will be the beneficiaries of the competition? Check our Telephone Directory Listing. Not even a percentage of the entire population are phone users.

In the mean time I fully support NPF to squeeze some coins from the loggers, the Ramsi and the gold hunters. If some people are campaigning in the name of Solomon Islands people for a change please count me out.

I am currently the one of the major owner of Solomon Telekom as a NPF member. Hopefully they will allow me a loan in the near future, that is what working Solomon Islanders should complain about.