Greateful if you could publish my short speech to the responsible authorities concerning the change I have seen in our beloved Town, Honiara when returned from Gizo Hospital last week.

It was so surprising to see positive changes in the face of Honiara which, to me, are symptoms of development. I left Honiara six weeks ago but when I returned, Honiara has beautified itself as never before. Everywhere in the town I went, things got changing. Old buildings were renovated, new ones were built and modified in such a way I could not believe what my eyes could see. Isn't this a prognosis of a nation transforming into the changing world. very good.

But, I have a concern here to to raise to the responsible authorities. Just to get your explanation on the fact that a huge amount of money had been spent on the preparation towards the Art festival event. What good will it be for our country after the event. For infrastucture and renovating the buildings, yes, we will benefit from our participation in the event. What about the temporary, only-built-to-see buildings, carvings, and others which were almost built in every corner of the town. Aren't they going to create big mess and further cost for the responsible authorities to spend some more money in order to clean up the mess.

As a citizen of this country, I see it fit that the event's benefit must be carefully and closely looked at so that our economy will never go down again after happiness puffed up. If its advantages are seeing in every dimension of our people's best interest. I will be very thankful for such initiatives. Otherwise, you are only digging a regretful hole to the huge money which supposed to be given to the hard working farmers who are dying in their cocoa farm trying to get money to pay up taxes to the Government.