It is very interesting to read about the former "Take that" star's experience in the Solomon Islands.

It might be hurtful in a developing nation like the Solomon Islands which the government has invested alot in tourism. Outrageous the way we as Solomon Islanders look at the headline.

To me, it is a wakeup call for more awareness and effective communication to such high profile visitors for the important documentary of the Queen of England. It is not the fault of the singer Barlow, rather it was an issue of good communication and education to him from the organizers of the certain surprises- warriors in their welcome to honor his visit.

World today, marketing of tourism is not a one way communication. We educate and communicate to the tourism suppliers and at the sametime the potential visitors need to know about the experience they will have in the destination when they consume it, and this happens vice verse.

If Mr. Barlow said that in England, well, we cannot bring back the media reachout there now. We cannot say he is eurocentric or whatever, the fact is we already missed in his moment of truth during his experience.

Well, let us swallow from this experience and be proactive in addressing such future issue in the international level, to give us positive image again in England.

Hope this experience will not come in the documentary or whatever of the Queen to mark her anniversary.

Maybe the British High Commission office in Honiara might assist in this issue.