I would like to point out that Earth Island Institute
was on the same eco panel as Greenpeace.
These statements by Greenpeace are not being totally factual.
Greenpeace is stating all tuna stocks are at risk in the Western Pacific. They do not differentiate by species. One example was that Greenpeace interfered with the skipjack purse seiner Cape Finistere operating in international waters legally and fishing dolphin safe.
This vessel is owned by Trimarine which is the main investor and partner to Soltai.
Solomon Islands govt. neeeds to understand who their true friends are:
legal tuna fishing operations which bring jobs to its citizens or the few dolphin profiteers who exploit the live dolphins in your waters to sell to the highest bidder. The goal of the international environmental community is to end this cruel trade. Greenpeace should live to its name, and work for the peace the dolphins deserve from those that destroy the peace and freedom of the Solomon island dolphins.
Shame on Greenpeace for turning a blind eye on the plight of the dolphins of the
Solomon Islands.
Mark Berman
Earth Island Institute
San Francisco , CA USA