Dear Sir,

Whiles many leaders in the strong economic countries in the world today have felt the economic recession and cutting some of the privileges they enjoy, Solomon islands government does the opposite.

The 4% increase of salaries and another increase for the touring allowances are totally unfair given the fact that your humble servants in the teaching force, medical, paramedics and other public servants have been struggling for their survival. They have been asking for similar privileges over and over again and not much had been done. The normal reason is that the government does not have the money. Well that's fair and fine if all share the same cake equally.

You can care to note that some of your children are struggling with their School Fees at both SICHE and USP Centre (SI) today. They are suffering as well like the workers.

In the light of these concerns an increase of salaries of the Parliamentarians almost every year is a sign of total irresponsibility and sick leadership.

I understand that the PEC is responsible for the matter but their total neutrality is suspicious. As the caring fathers of the peope of this nation, you will take extra responsibilty and total caring attitutde not to accept the offe by PEC.

I understand that during Touring, you need money for the expenses, but that proposed amount is not reasonable by rational thinkers given the kind of situation Solomon islands as a nation is now going through today.

Therefore I would join the Union leaders and other reasonable thinkers in calling for a minimal increase of salaries or a delay for another time. As true and responsible leaders, let us sacrifice with the people we are voted by to be their voices in this trying time. Long live Solomon islands.

Thank you.

Javin Rukia (SNU)