Dear sir,

What a visit! It is very interesting to note that a woman of such a very high calibre can be able to come down to our level and visit and encourage us especially women.

Thank you Ms Quentin Bryce for your time with us is much appreciated.

Ms Quentin actually wears many hats;Wife, mother, grandmother, community volunteer and the Governor General of Australia.

The intention of this letter is to ask women to fight for their rights either political or social but most of all to stop for a while and consider the hats worn by this very important lady.

Quite often you fight the men for political positions and other rights left and right, but stop and ask yourself first, have you been a good wife, a good mother or a good grandmother? If you posses these qualities, fine you can make a huge difference from the gentlemen.

It is noted from the speech too that Ms Quentin's first teacher was her mother. I can learn here that mothers can do a lot at home to bring many positive changes nationally and globally. Its not only in the political positions or public sectors that women can make a change. Its at home too.

Therefore I love to see women rally or mobilise a movement (women's movement) to make a begining at home either in town or a remote village in the jungle of Malaita or wherever they maybe. It will be also interesting to see women calling our young girls and women who have nothing to do in Honiara to return and start a new life at home and equip them. Not only in our provinces but home is where you are. Start there.

It will be interesting to see if that movement can sweep Honiara and bring an end to this new trade which is jokingly called solfis.These youths who engage in this sad trade have a lot of potentils too in them. Lets give them guidance rather than forsaking them. I challenge women to go to them and bring them back. Its your responsibility to rehabilitate them. They are our sons and daugthers. They are full of potentials too.

I am sure women have a strong desire to move our country forward. You probably realise that our children's future basically are in your hands. I am not resting the responsibility on women alone here and blaming them for the disciplinary problems we now have with this current generation, but women have the upper hand to teach and mould them.

In case I sound biased and unfair here, men too need to wear the same hats...good husband, good father and good grandfather. Only then they can be good politicians or good leaders for our lovely country. Our country is fine. We just need to know our responsibilities and work at it together, then we can be counted as one of the best in the pacific too.

So let us all learn together from the GG's upbringing.

Thank you.