Dear sir,

We are now starting to promote the national clean up campaign in all areas including sports. I find reading of the clean up of the SIFF leadership very interesting.

First I would like to commend the SIFF current administration for the many positive things they have achieved so. But the longer you are there, the other things you should be doing according to us the grassroots may not be seen as important.

Therefore I would rather go along with FSI call that the SIFF congress needs to meet now than later before the whole apple gets bad (No longer Brazil in the Pacific).

Although I agree with the General Secretary, Ediie Ngava's points, the genuineness of them are suspicious.

Well we must abide by the constitution of SIFF which is standardise by FIFA and OFC, but is there no any provision if the Excecutive is dysfunctional or listening to the masses. The general Secretary's reasons seem not to hold water at all.

It is also important to take account of the points raised by a Malaita caller. According to him/her, the Malaita Football Association is not working either. They should hold a meeting on December 2010. Don't you know that Mr Secretary. I suspect that if MFA one of the soccer mad Provinces is at such a situation, other Provinces are far worst. It's time to take a broom and clean the inside of the house, then move outside (Provinces). Simple isn't it?

Understandbly the SIFF congress will meet on June 2013 as pointed out. But the longer the current administration holds on power, we will be ashamed of more future international soccer games on other people's land.

Therefore Mr Ngava the call to hold the fresh election is genuine and patriotic rather than emotional as you probably thought.

Thank you.