I wish to commend the tireless effort of our police and Immigration officers in apprehending the Asian businessman Zhang Tong Zi, the so-called "ringleader" of the bech-de-mer illegal trading network in the country.

The bech-de-mer saga raises the issue of the nature of power and how it has been exercised by those who involved directly or indirectly in the country. It also raises questions of the integrity of the judicial system in punishing those who breaks our laws. This person has been arrested twice during the last few years for illegally carrying out bech-de-mer trading. For some reason he walked free from both charges. How he managed to do so is a question that I myself find it hard to comprehend.

Well he was served a deportation order by the Minister for Commerce and Employment upon his recent arrest but media reported he is appealing that order. This type of person who continues to disregard the laws of our country does not deserve to remain. My trust is upon the work of the police and immigration investigation team to establish substantial evidence and have him served with justice or should I say expelled from the country. Our country does not need investors who continue to neglect our laws with intent.