We can paint the story with all sort of colour to give it a new look but the truth still remains - "Our Telekom", which I like to nick-name "Their Telekom" is ripping too much from us struggling Solomon Islanders.

So much is said about how Telekom charged their services. But I just like to believe that they are just selfishly pushing for their own gain and if you like it in another way, they're just making a good profit which at the end of the day will give each share holder a good earn which basically my point - allow Digicel to enter the market. We desparately want competition.

Digicel will turn things around if given the chance.

They may have their own areas of weaknesses but at least there is some one beside "Their Telekom" who is vibrant and efficient to make that wantok - connection between the inhabitants of the happy isles.