Dear Editor

It is of great shame and embarrasment to see and hear the, i would say great defeat of one of our National sides in history.

I would like to think that our managment and technical staff of SIFF have ran out of techniques and skills to impart to our players. It is clear as our National sides and clubs are experiencing humiliating defeats for the past three years. If our local tactics are no longer working I suggest we should use up the assistance that are there for us from OFC to bring in International Coaches. We cannot stand up against other countries if what we have been doing is not giving us the result we want. Look at Koloale, the best club in the NSL. Then the U17 and U20 last year and now this year. We have to humble ourselves and seek help abroad for an international level coach.

There are lots of skills but it is the leadership that is lacking here. We need the MAN to put the skills we have in motion.

If nothing is done I dont think we will make it in the play offs for the FIFA qualifying tournament that is coming up this year. We people of Solomon Islands must take ownership and stand up for these changes. It is our pride, thus, we need to do something to push and make SIFF do what they suppose to do.

Thank you.