Dear Sir,
The very first issue to understand when considering tuna and other mariculture investment programs is to understand your fish.

I have travelled througout the Pacific and for 10 years been trying to develop open up opportunities.

Poling and handlining tuna into a tuna cage has great potential for the pacific region. As the demand and value of tuna rises dramatically these opportunities will be taken up by others and as usual you will get little or nothing.

The most important issue for you to understand is the tuna behaviour and it has been made clear to me that this is the one issue that you do understand. My research clearly says that the guys on the ground in your country have a better understanding of tuna than most people on the planet. This is the foundation of your future.

Do not be detered be brave push forward do your homework. If you go about it the right way the infrustructure is in place.