Dear Editor

I read with interest the ongoing debate about the 4th USP Campus in Honiara. There is no denying the fact the need for such institution is there. The current USP centre is small and is overwhelmed by the ever increased number of students who have the grades to be there. However, the 4th USP Campus what will it house?

Samoa-house the USP Agriculture school, Vanuatu House the Law School, Fiji Laucala Campus have the rest, What will the 4th Campus here in Honiara House? Whatever school or schools it will house will it meet the needs and demands of the education need of the country? If its Education, or Engineering, or Marine Studies or whatever studies it should be known so that our students should have the maximum benefits, not only that but the academics of which we have a growing pool now should be at home and providing a regional institution services.

SICHE expansion into a National University, maybe its about time, but are we ready to shoulder the financial burden of running a University? When was the last time a new lecture hall is built on any of the campuses of SICHE. Kukum campus, students are standing outside the class room during lectures, Lecturer student ratio is appalling, especially with tutorial groups, its like a primary school classroom.

The government should upgrade and improve the current facilities and curriculum before trying to change the SICHE status to University. Otherswise its a vicious cycle and substandard qualification.

I remember when Kukum Campus was Honiara Technical Institute, students came from across the Pacific, from Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga then, now we hardly have any foreign students, does that show what our education standard is internationally.

4th USP Campus can take us seriously as an education provider with equal par with the res of the region.

Thank you

Kenton Sade