Dear Editor

I would like to comment on the issue of establishing USP Campus or National University in Honiara.

Firstly, I would like to pose this question. Is the Government Financially fit to convert SICHE to University status? This question should be answered in relation to establishment right through the life span of the University. It requires hiring of Professors, Phd qualified and resource people in the long run.

The government has in plan a good theoretical vision but it does not have a viable plan to make it a tangible and successful project.

I suggest it is still not right to go ahead with a Nationally owned University. I believe the way to go is to establish the 4th USP Campus and then may be down the line from more researchs and understanding of management and administration of University from the Government's perspective; from the expriences the 4th USP Campus would bring, the Government could then take advantage of it and tap into converting may be the SICHE School of Business and Administration into a University.

We need time to turn all possible stones of hindles and hidden difficulties to be successful in this business. I dont think this is the right time to venture into it.

Therefore, i support all the concerns shared in relation to this issue. The cabinet should re-look at the issue before making its final decision.