Hon. Prime Minister, did you hear what your Hon. Minister for Education has just said?

His only reason for not accepting USP's 4th campus here in Honiara is because of land, he says that the proposed land is needed by SICHE for possible expansion.

Well if so then are there not enough land available in Honiara?

Mr Hon. Minister, you say that the establishment of a locally owned National University is your priority, try do some research first.

Let me tell you something that you might not know, which you should have known already, Fiji for example has their own National University, in which Fiji School of Medicine came under. But look at their degree paper, why is USP's Logo on it? Its because USP is internationally recognized compared to Fiji's owned medical school.

In giving you this information, you should now know that if we have our own University, will it be recognized world wide? It will be tough. Therefore
an establishement of a world recognized institute like USP would be something of a number 1 priority. Saying that USP's 4th campus here is not of national interest is really sad coming from a person of a high caliber like you.

In addition to the its higher status world wide, USP's establishment here will bring lots of benefits socially and economically. Job creation and improved literacy level would be an example.

So try to be considerate and think wisely again Hon Minister for Education.

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