There could have been no real excuses for the City Council to ignore it's responsibility to keep Honiara the Country's Capital clean.

A look and learn trip to Australia was taken by a previous HTC President to look at the upkeep of towns/cities in Australia. It came back with remarkable headlines in the media. Am sure the report is in the files. Why would such a good thing left unattended by the successive CTC administrations.

A bit of common sense to keep Honiara clean will not cost much so I believe.
Some ideas iclude these following:

1. CTC introduces an Act passed by Parliament on Upkeep of CTC Environment.
2. CTC Act includes compulsory tar-sealing from shop fronts to the edge of the road tarmark.
3. Ban human vending machines along the streets and main highways.
4. Introduce heavy fines for garbage producers with the production/supply of garbage trailer bins located outside shops.
5. Build fences around every tree that stands along the main streets and feeder roads to fend human vendors.
6. SIG to create more jobs which in turn will reduce the number of people who leizure around and produce dirt. Employment will keep all of us busy and less or no people to produce rubbish.
7. Begin with Government Offices, clean up those beetle nut nests, in Finance, PMO, Commerce, Agriculture, Lands, MID, etc...
8. Demolish the buildings from Hyundai Mall to central market and build decent structures that will change public attitude to be clean you can see it happening in the Hyundai Mall.
9. Demolish all the residential buildings from MHMS -HQ to the Lawson Tama junction and build better houses.
10. Demolish all buildings from the eastern end of the Refferal Hospital to Bahai Centre and rebuild with decent houses.
11. CTC revise your market rules and make it more hygenic than what it is now that will allow people to change their littering attitude and practices.
12. Finally, the City is dirty because the current NTC polices and by-lays encourage the citizens of Honiara to produce rubbish.

If we want a clean Honiara the the City Council must encourage cleanliness through it's policies and by-laws.

So in the final analysis it is the City Council Administration that encourages us to make Honiara a dirty city by failing to impose on the public healthy and clean behaviour and practices.