SIM card does cost a hefty sum in Solomons. As pointed out it is SBD$400. To imply that it is that costly because it is not manufactured in Solomons is not quite true. The SBD$400 is equivalent to FJD$100. Right now a SIM card sold by Vodafone Fiji is around FJD$10 and the one sold by Ink is around $5 (SIM cards are also imported in Fiji).

Prior to Ink entering the market you would be lucky pay a SIM card from Vodafone Fiji for less than $60. The point I'm trying to put across is that competition does pay and hopefully when Digicel does enter the Fiji telecommunication market, things would improve further both in cost and services. I am very certain that if other mobile service providers do enter the Solomon Island telecommunication market, prices will be competitive and services will improve markedly. I will not surprised if the cost of a SIM card will be reduced to less than SBD$100.