Dear Editor,
While the debate continues regarding the Solomons continuing to capture and export dolphins, Earth Island will not cease its campaign to end the brutal and disgusting trade in live dolphins.

The European Union, USA, Australia, New Zealand and countless other nations have banned the trade in wild caught dolphins.

Next, where is the proof that US flagged tuna purse seiners catch and kill dolphins in tuna nets? If the person who states this has proof , deliver it to Lawrence Makiili of Earth Island , Solomon Islands.

Otherwise do not make claims that are not backed up with facts, Photos, and proof . Tuna purse seiners operating in Western Pacific do not set nets on dolphins to catch tuna. IF observers have details this is not the case, then come forward and EII will deal with any tuna seiner that is injuring and killing dolphins and de-certify its dolphin safe tuna status.

Dolphins must be protected and the trade in live dolphins must end. After all this is the 21st century! We would do the same for any wildlife traffic whether primates, elephants, dolphins, or reptiles.

Mark Berman
Earth Island