Dear Editor

These so call experts in Dolphin-Mark Berman, Visser are trying to asphyxiate a culture which dolphins are part and partial of for centuries. Live export is better of the two evils where the alternative and practice was mass slaughter.

Berman left the communities of Fanalei and Walande fighting over the money he dish out-Cargo cult mentality, should have opted for a better alternative, don't feed them fish, teach them how to fish. Visser, economically Solomon Islands is struggling to finds its foot in the global picture, it will be for another, who knows how long, at least these people who export will have the opportunity to better there lives and those the will impact, remember Solomon Islands is a very much an extended family society. The dolphins are still alive and not killed is that what we all want?

Kenton Sade
Solomon Islander whose culture dolphin is part of.