Dear Editor,

Dr Ingrid Visser, from The Orca Research Trust calls on Kiwis to boycott travel to Solomon Islands because Solomon Islands exports dolphins to China. I find this perplexing.

Firstly, I don't think Solomon Islands is or has ever been a leading tourist destination for Kiwis. So the call to boycott travel to the country will do little (if any) economically or politically to bring the exporting of dolphins to an end.

Secondly, New Zealand has worked long and hard to strengthen its political and economic ties with the importing country, China. This is a country that has, to use Dr Visser's words, "barbaric" human rights record. Dr Visser is now also saying the importing country China has a similar dolphin rights record. Perhaps Dr Visser and The Orca Research Trust should devote its energies and resources to dissuading Kiwis from travelling to China. Or, better still, persuade the New Zealand Government sever its trading ties with China.