Dear Editor

First of all i would like to congratulate Minister for Finance, Mr. Ricky Hou and the Government for the bold move to exempt those who earn $15,000 annually and less from the country's Person Income Tax. The move will definitely put a bit of money in the pockets of those affected.

However, I still believe that the Government can still do more to help those who are earning annual income as the teachers. $800 per fn is still not enough to keep a family for two weeks. It will be a sacrifice but for sure the Government should have other strategies, plans and ways to make money to funds its priorities.

If the country can not directly put extra bucks into the pockets of its people, then i believe it can reduce the Personal Income Tax.

One of the truth about life is life after retirement. With the current earnings citizens of this beautiful country are getting every fortnight, it is impossible to save few bucks.

Nevertheless, the news of the Personal Income Tax Exemption is a relieve for those concern and we salute the Government for the decision. Hopefully there is still something for others in the pipeline.

Thank you.