The power cuts is a never-ending story. But it is nothing compared to the image of that man picking from the bin.

It is truely very sad to see Solomon Islanders picking from the bin just to survive.

It is never a good thing to see any of God's creation scavenging the rubbish.

Yet both are the symptoms of the same thing: poverty.

Solomon Island people have the option to go back to their villages and live a subsistence life. They'll be very comfortable there too, I might add. But they choose not to.

I think we can no longer pretend that Solomon Islanders are a content, submissive people who have little desire for western materialism and life style. The fact that they opt to slug it out in town despite the hardships proves my point.

The people of Solomon Islands are asking: "What is the Minister of energy doing to arrest this problem and turn things around?"

For years it was rumoured that the Honiara power problems are a result of political inexpediency and corruption.

Mr. Minister, do you have the will to make a difference or are you the same as your predecessors?

What is the government doing to alleviate poverty and give ordinary Solomon Islanders the opportunity to improve their socio-economic wellbeing?

If the wellbeing and the welfare of Solomon Islanders is not your number one priority, you are in the wrong place!

Solomon Islands is looking for someone who will show true leadership and love for, and pride, in his people.