Dear editor,

Picking from bins for living has become a global norm. It happens every where arround the globe even in rich countries. So its not something to be ashame of as we also have our share of the wider global poverty. But for us at home, it is a clear demonstration of the structuring sin of ignorance and selfishness on the part of our national leadership who failed to act to bridge the gap and creative enough to see measures of redirection.

Regarding the city council, it would be fair and wise for them to install separate bins for bottles and plastic bags where usually our frieds love to collect. Its unhygenic for them to pick things in the larger rubbish bins where people used to throw nasty things inside. Even if things are worst like that and life seem to be unkind to some of our people, one way or another small actions like that count alot.

Those of us who have the previledge to be where we are enjoying the other side of life may not understand how these people feel until one day one us would end up on the street and join the vocation.