Please allow me to raise few concerns regarding an influx in marijuana related mental cases;

This is becoming a grave concern as a lot of our young and very potential children are addicted to smoking marijuana or weed. Mental health cases in relation to smoking marijuana continue to accelerate over the past 10 years according to the health statistics. A good number of youths in the rural areas are farming this plant in large quantities; to some its a source of income; to others its something they consume.

Alot of mental cases we have in the country involves very young and capable youths who should play an important role in their families and in the community, instead ,they become an extra burden to their families and become members in the community that needs to be closely watched.

We have several cases where those who are gravely addicted to smoking "weed" become dangerous members in the society and in some rare instances took lives of innocent children. This is not accepted in our societies, we want our societies to produce talented and capable Solomon Islanders through active participation of all members in the community.

Relevant authorities should organize mass awareness educational programmes to targeted hot spots in the country to counter attack the trend of this bad habit, we don't have to wait until issues are widespread, by then, it will be costly to battle.
We should have a greater concern for the present generation as they are indicators of future dilemmas.

I think the Ministry of Health and Medical Services should consider this as another important priority area and design appropriate action plans to gradually combat this growing practice.