Weathercoast stoning of a police station indicates rural SI people may have concern that handover from RAMSI to SI Police would mean less safety because SI Police lack adequate money for equipment and petrol for patrols.

People want safety, presently best from RAMSI funded by Australia, NZ etc.

In Western Province the first question RAMSI and RSIPF discussed about a crocodile recently eating village dogs, soon maybe a person, was about how far to the village. The croc is still there.

Guadalcanal weather coast communities have huge distance fuel cost problems probably even linked to the tension and coup, economic tension not ethnic tension.

Economic infrastructure development aid should be undertaken but has not been.

For real peace Guadalcanal weathercoast communities need a road across and around Guadalcanal Island.

Rural SI people in need should have social security aid cash-money to buy and trade alternative food to replace abundant free food from now devastated staple seafood.

Roads would generate employment and cash from tourism business.

Instead, Australia and SIG seem to be now engaging in top of economy partnership business including agricultural development, without seeing that SI rural people in need have little or no money to buy anything let alone agricultural produce.

Who will pay for the fertilizer and chicken feed and fuel to transport it all?

Tearing down tropical forest for crops will cause damage to already damaged marine ecosystems. Fish stocks should be regenerated, not ignored. Sanitation and proper sewage treatment is need to reduce nutrient pollution feeding algae that is smothering and killing seagrass and coral food web nurseries.

Evidence indicates warmth from photosynthesis in increased sewage proliferated ocean micro algae has not even been measured or assessed in climate change science.
Meanwhile wharves too high for canoes are being built in preparation for 'carbon emission' sea level rise 50 years from now.

Real cash aid should reach the people and government.

The SI economy now needs to be monetized as the late SI economist Ulufa'alu said after he realized the socio-economic impact of staple fish devastation.

Hungry people are not usually happy. Domestic violence and other crime are linked to hunger. People get sick and tired and bored literally, from virtually just eating potato.

Barter trade has fundamentally collapsed, custom fishing no more, youth now often very bored.

Petrol is now needed for market trade, impossible with hungry petrol guzzling outboard long travel including from weather coast to city/town markets.

Completely tax free fuel should be provided as real rural aid.

Road transport saves petrol and makes trade more possible.

Lack of transport and trade and policing due to unaffordable petrol cost has major consequences that need real aid to solve, very urgently.

There are real reason/s that cause good people to pick up and throw stones.