I ain't an active supporter of 'Our Telekom Co.' however, I' m quite keen to know the issues and challenges that 'Our Telekom' encounters in its endeavor to provide telecommunication services to our people and country.

In regards to the debate on the price of a SIM card, I am yet to sense any link between the cost of a SIM card, which costs SBD$400, the formula Telekom uses to arrive at the price and the monopoly Telekom is purported to be enjoying. I think it is to do with the devalued Solomon Dollar.

The SIM card is not manufactured in Honiara nor will it be made in Honiara in the not too distant future, unless a company such as Nokia opt to get established in Honiara. Until this happens ordinary citizens will continue to pay sky-rocket prices on SIM cards or any other imported goods, as they do now. Or are we suggesting that Digicel will bring down the price of a SIM card as in other countries - even if the value of the Solomon dollar does not improve? I am not too certain whether I would agree with this notion!