To whom it concern,

I visited NRH over two dozen times since August 2005.
My opinions are:

(1) NRH need a stable, strong, experience, leadership system, such as CEO, Medical Superintendent and Nursing Director. we can find all of those were changed too frequently.

(2) NRH can use suitable fund of ROC(Taiwan) and AusAID to hire or invite one or two experience hospital Managers from Taiwan to improve its efficiency and effectiveness, but its project need to be agreed by PM office.

(3) Taiwan own a very successful health delivery system in the world, and is rated or accredited to No. 2 in the whole world by Economist Journal in 2008. Taiwan can share its rich experience to NRH. National Referral Hospital is one of sister hospitals of Kaohsiung medical University Hospital since January 2006.

I will visit NRH again and arrive at Honiara on June 5 and stay at there till June 17. I hope to meet with officials during my stay.

Martin.H.Hsiao MsPH, PhD
Senior Specialist,
Superintendent Office
Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital,
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 806