Just want to congratulate the Solomon Islands national Futsal Team for doing us proud. You are our real heroes. We love you all for the job well done. As we know Futsal is a sport eventuated out of mission. Hence, KuruKuru, besides making us the nation proud of you, there is also a responsibility that comes with such great talents that are within each of you.

We are behind you as you get down into preparation for the World Cup next year.

To the People of Solomon Islands, be with our boys in support, whether in kind or prayer. Stand with them as we know their win is still is not the final. The biggest ever event is still ahead of the. So stand with them in support.

To the Solomon Islands Football Federation, thanks to you, despite of not having or providing the right kind of futsal sporting facilities or up to standard facilities, a point to consider is KuruKuru can make it regardless of these facilities, hence their win over Tahiti.

An appeal to SIFF is, please could you improve on the sporting facilities in the country. I don't know how many years you've existed. We need to boost the morale of our sports ambassadors with quality facilities as such are very much part of wining or losing.