Dear Editor,

The recent appointment of six new government ministers is hardly a surprise.

It was an event waiting to happen after the unexpected mass resignation and exodus of former Opposition members of parliament, who had subsequently joined the current government of Danny Philip.

What is interesting though is the government's decision to reward politicians, who have no principles, moral ethics, allegiance and convictions about policy direction. These are the basic premises of reconstructing the future political stability, security, peace and economic prosperity of the country and sadly, the newly appointed government ministers have demonstrated a lack of it.

We can only hope that the defected politicians turned government ministers would not allow themselves to be puppets of the external forces that have allegedly played a huge role in their defection to the government.

What we have observed in recent months is a nation lacking true leadership quality, where political leaders and politicians put their personal interests ahead of the nation.

This case has demonstrated vividly by the defection of the Leader of Opposition and six of his followers to the current government.

These individuals should be ashamed of their actions and for simply legitimating Western governments and aid donors' ancient perception that Solomon Islanders have no ethical or moral campus when it comes to issues of ethical leadership.