The recent floods in Australia, along with the earthquake in NZ and Japan, have exposed how vulnerable we truly are. Despite the advancements in human society, we still succumb quite easily to the might of Mother Nature.

Such unfortunate events have also showed how we truly care for one another in times of disaster. Australians, New Zealanders and Japanese man and women offered their time and money in reaching out to their fellow citizens that suffered. Such show of goodwill is truly inspiring, in times of disaster, where the worst of Mother Nature was at play, the best of Human Nature also shone through.

Solomon Islanders too pitched in to assist. Fundraisers were held to assist victims in these countries. With the going price of SBD10,000 per corporate table, thousands were raised in just one night. I was at one of these fundraisers simply because it was paid for by the company I work for. Truth be told, had it not been for my generous boss, I simply could not afford to attend even if I wanted to.

Sitting there I could not help but think, what about the tsunami that struck the Western Province? What about the endless cyclones that continues to pound our outlying Islands of Temotu and Rennell Bellona? What about the king tides in Small Malaita, Wagina and more recently Isabel? What about the destructive floods on Guadalcanal?

Why were there no such fundraisers to assist our very own country man and woman? They are far more desperate as their properties (and lives) are not insured (very foreign concept to many) and there is very little the government can do as they are already stretched thin just keeping up with civil servants' salaries.

In closing, let me just say that I am in no way demeaning the excellent work of those that chose to assist our friends overseas. I just think it would be less hypocritical (for critical fools like me) if we start at home.