Dear Editor,

Thank you for including my comments online.

Grateful if the Sikua Government would honor the future of this country by not bowing down to whatsoever threats that the current loggers are trying to do to the government.

Very simple to know from any research findings that we have good trees and are known for their unique grades and diverse species. Let the educated forestry workers do a survey on how the loggers are reaping our resources and our people getting very little and our government just a bit of share.

We have should have a school of forestry and conservation. They are trained to look after and utilize our forests for sustainable use. Look at Kolombangara Forest Product limited. Is it hard to operate sustainably like the KFPL? Show the people KFPL and preach sustainability to your neighboring companies?

We respect the government of the day and would like to see the Sikua government especially his responsible minister to pledge their decision on the basis of maintaining a sustainable harvest rate and Forest use to sustain the needs of our future generation.

Again just a caution to those who are responsible for signing of agreements and making decisions on behalf of our country; Times like this BRIBERY will surely knock at your door to deprive your own people.Other indirect business dealings will eventually be more likely to be used as a strategy to gamble the government's decision.