Dear editor,

Appreciate if you're able to publish few words on the above subject.

One cannot hide what he/she does not have. The same analogy is not entirely false in its application to the thought, 'the lost is not lost void of directions'. i.e. LOST (as a concept) gains its definition through possessing prior knowledge of direction.

Defining the deliberate LOST though is a little difficult. This would not be a conventional lost subject but someone who finds direction (not geographical coordinates but wealth, power, love, identity etc) in being permanently lost!

Closer to home, there is an almost adequate offering that provides the best description. One suspect's in SI pidgin english, the classic phrase, 'FLOW NOMO' or 'FLOW' occupy that mantle.

The surprising revelation though is that there is a certain group of current MPs who absolutely resist to deny their courtship and dwelling in the 'Flow Nomo' party.