Dear Editor,

I would like to join other who have voiced their feelings about political situation of our country. I believe the general population of Solomon Islands have reach a stage where they are tired and no longer would like to participate well in any positive contribution in building our country. What our current political performance displayed so far is very negative and it seemed we have no direction from the the top down. I would not put my trust and confidence in something or some directions we travelling towards. The messages we are getting are nothing but fightings amoungst Politicians for a piece of meat. They no longer have any substances that we could trust them. Since the reign of Kenilorea, Mamaloni, Ulufa'alu, who at least provided the nation with some stable Govt and we have seen some progress, but this bunch of opportunitists (but there are very good poiliticians in the midts I must encourage them to stand firm). Its seemed they have no manners, nor principles their own, moving like ping pong ball from one side and the the other.

My question to all these type of Leaders is, do you love this country call Solomon Islands? Does anyone of you care about the plight of its people? Does any of you would sacrifice his own life and lead the country to a direction where we could see where our future lies. Lead us out of these political wilderness please.