I am saddened to learn about the Opposition's hotel bill hitting million over the past month the tug of war between the government and so called self-righteous Opposition camp.

Whole of this time I thought the Opposition members were residing at their residences; sadly not. The calculation done in the Solomon Star issue (14/2/ 2011) for the Opposition camp shock me a bit. I am confuse as to who to trust. Government? Opposition? Opposition, especially Mr. Wale who always claimed he talked in our interest. Whose interest is that million for your luxurious rooms and foods? Mae karange!

The real questions are, who paid for your Heritage Park Hotel rooms and meals? Yourselves? Poor tax payers? Foreigners? Business cronies? Or fallen angels?
Citizens are not angry but they are suffering and can no longer bear the pains of high school fees, tax fees, poor health services in rural areas, and poor roads to travel to markets.

If Mr. Wale was right to say that living in hotels during lobbying periods is not a new thing, then he must think twice. He is still not a leader we need. A leader we need is someone who will turn the opposite direction from the rest to resurrect our Solomon Islands from such malpractice - wasting funds on expensive ambitions.