Hi, would like to write a few words on this issue in your 'Letter to editor ' section.

Dear editor,

it is rather difficult to distinguish which aspect of the govt top intelligence report is actually top intelligence.

No individual(s), institution or organisation including the renowned wikileaks, had immediate claim for its source thus presenting two interesting scenarios.

1. Proves beyond reasonable doubt the existence of paranormal activity (needed papers of evidence conveniently transpiring and floating before your eyes) in the PM's office. Or

2. To the scientifically inclined this phenomenon (transpiring papers before your eyes) has a perfect scientific and logical explanation. Needless to say therefore that the govt or PM and his press secretary are in possession of classified advance technology! Of which in fact is the actual 'top intelligence' they make reference. The immense confusion, pain and stutter associated with attempts of explanation are fundamental signs of cover up.

Maybe the top intelligence doc came from one of the following production factories:
- weak(i)leaks
- likileaks
- gossipleaks
- coconutnewsleaks
- customstoryleaks
- boatlikileaks
- shiprekeleaks
- mesotewinileaks, and
- sasakoleaks

A plethora of anecdotal links and influences of the calibre of kelvin alps at his disposal, there's an overt sense of authenticity, adequacy and ability about the 'sasakoleaks' domain.

Peter Bataitolo