I would like to simply acknowledge and sincerly thank Maurice Stanly Tora for his initiative at voicing out the importance of stability reflecting a nations progress.

Seriously, if we could ask for anything else from our government, then all we ask is that the government coorperate with the opposition so that together we work together to make this nation Solomon Islands a place where our future generations can also be proud off. Again, stability is crucial. I am sure this ongoing trend that comes from taking one government out of parliament and replacing it by another, has prevented both micro and even macro projects from building up our nation Solomon Islands.

There is always need for change but when change actually does come, all we get from it is more change and at the greatest cost as well. The point I want to raise here is why can't both the government and opposition simply be meek about each others need of help and correction and politically work together. The cost of removing another government from power or have another constitutional crisis on our hands is too much already for the people to pay over and over again. As far as the opposition and it's functions are concerned, the government has to be reminded that the opposition exist to act as form of check and balance and not to kick out the government. The opposition in its oriniginal functions, is not there to take a government out of power although it can if it has the majority, but the main reason why a fully functioning government has to have an opposition is because we all know that ultimate power corrupts ultimately and a nation that has just managed to survive an ethnic conflict and other political crisis in the past along with its people do not need another constitutional crises or instability.

The people dont want a corrupt government, they want a government who can deliver the services required of a government to its people. They cant afford instability. The ongoing changes in tax by a new government elected in and then elected out again and the ongoing waste of funds on incomplete projects is just too much. Yes! we need change, but please, prime minister acknowledge that there is a reason for an opposition to check you up and your government on how your manage the cabinet and the affairs of the state.

Mathey Wale, our deputy opposition leader is simply doing his job. He gets paid for doing what he does and he is doing his job well. If the honourable prime minister loses control of the cabinet, then the honourable prime minister has to get control back over his cabinet ministers otherwise the opposition would do what it does best and Solomon Islanders would suffer. Moreover if claims from the opposition suggests that the honourable prime minister is indeed being controlled by outsiders in the interests of logging companies along with their goals and ambitions, then the honourable prime minister has to be made aware by the opposition of his actions and he is nothing more than just a puppet and the people of Solomon Islands do not need another puppet in government, but leaders who are true and accountable and transparent to the people.

In addition, it seems quite obvious that the opposition will not go down without a fight especially given their numbers. Now they have the majority and as far as stability is concerned a constitutional crisis is not what Solomon Islands need for its people. Solomon Islands can be known for resolving conflict in a politically peaceful manner if our leaders are wise enough. Risking political crises can be avoided. A constitutional crises that has the potential to lead on to another armed conflict is not what this country needs. Regardless, should there be transparency, accountability and integrity maintained throughout the functions of a government then the opposition has to do what it must. I pray for the future of our Prime Minister, but I also pray for the future of Solomon Islands and wish it the best.