The current political situation really shown that the government is not stable in any sense and there is a need for our government to stable. For us the people who brought up the leaders of our government we trust them to lead us better, but we can feel that the instability of government right now as we see that there are quite a few number of NCRA members crossing the floor, which sooner or later there would be a idea of moving a motion of no-confidence.

We need a change indeed my dear leaders, we need to stable and focus on our political and economic goals. Our country is suffering as it is one of the poorest countries in the world in terms of GDP-per capita (rank 4th poorest in the world), and often makes us wonder about our leader's irony and instable governance over the entire population of the country Solomon Islands.

However, let us first see what parameters are used to determine the wealth or poverty of a country to make it clear. Various organizations like the United Nations, World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), all of whom use almost similar methodologies to rank the poorest countries in the world.

One prerequisite is to consider the countries with annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita, below $900. This is also known as Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). Just considering the GDP does not give us a correct picture. For example, if only GDP is considered China ranks second only to the US, but when we consider the GDP - per capita, China ranks in the mid 90s, just because of its huge population. Even US ranks in the 6th position, behind countries like Qatar and Singapore, who have a much smaller, overall GDP.

Just imagine how much more our beloved Solomon Islands would be, which the GDP-capita alone but ranked 4th, and the GDP alone we couldn't imagine either. Why we the poorest and the weakest face this political wrath and instability and mistrust amongst our leader? Leaders are you aware of the standard of living in Solomon Islands? I guess it would be like a political disaster everyday or every new elected government. Absence of a stable government, lack of law and order imposing (e.g. the reasons why NCRA members resigned), increase of unemployment and social service for provinces and even in Honiara (e.g. lack of medical practioners) etc. These are something which we are noticing in our country Solomon Islands. There are many more nations like Solomon Islands in this world, but does anyone care about those countries, where many generations have lived in similar conditions? Wow!!! We need stable government so that we could move forward, so that we the people can feel the leaders have cared for our needs and entire Solomon Islands goals.

God Bless our Beloved Happy Isles.